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About Daniel Dinh

“From Little Saigon to Beverly Hills”
~An American dream comes true

Imagine waking up alone in a whole new world where you neither have friends or family. The language is undecipherable and the people are unrecognizable. Even the atmosphere and every surrounding individual is different from where you were before. Originally from Vinh Long, Vietnam (South of Saigon), Daniel is one half of a twin set amongst eight other siblings. His childhood began in a very humble environment and culture with a middle to low income family. In search for a greater opportunity, Dinh immigrated to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1992.

Living in a foreign country, Daniel had to try his best to adapt to a new language that followed with the struggles to find a way to support himself.  While taking ESL classes and being on welfare, Daniel had a rough and challenging life at this time of his life. However, being hard worker, he soon gained employment as a janitor to make ends meet. Dinh had a greater ambition to achieve a higher education; therefore, he earned a chance to study computer information systems through a two year scholarship funded by the Page Education Foundation (founded by former Minnesota Viking and current Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, Alan. C Page).  In 2002, Daniel graduated from Metropolitan State University in Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in CIS. 

Soon after graduating, Daniel wanted to challenge himself again and was inspired to move to Westminster, California (also nicknamed “Little Saigon”). He began taking cosmetology courses in the evenings while he worked for a medical billing collection agency in the day. After becoming a licensed cosmetologist, Daniel left his job at the collection agency and began working full time in a salon doing hair services. It was also at this point in 2004, Daniel began to hear about a beauty service called eyelash extensions. Daniel’s curiosity piqued and he wanted to learn more. He located a woman who worked in a nearby salon that originally learned in Vietnam how to do this procedure; but she did not offer training. A relatively new beauty enhancement, Daniel turned to the internet for help, but his search engine results were scarce.

Later that year in August, Daniel’s internet searches finally led him to a salon in Singapore that did eyelash extensions and offered an instructional DVD on eyelash extension application. The DVD was voiced in Korean and demonstrated the single layer application method commonly used by eyelash extension technicians at that time. Not fully satisfied with the results Daniel began to try and create a more natural look. Combining his knowledge of hair and hair extensions and experimenting with the eyelash extension materials, Daniel invented a new eyelash application method; conversely naming his invention the “Multiple-Layer Technique™.”

Daniel’s eyelash artistry soon gained popularity in the Orange County area and he was booked weeks in advanced. In 2005, Daniel’s lashes eventually traveled to Beverly hills via a client who was wearing them. Dinh credits Anastasia Soare, the definitive brow expert, with discovering him and helping him transition to Beverly Hills. After working in a couple other locations in Beverly Hills, Daniel presently works from his own salon, Longmi Lashes (“Longmi is Vietnamese word for eyelash”). Dinh’s Salon solely offers eyelash services and is proudly located directly across the street from Anastasia’s on Bedford Drive.

The eyelash expert’s talents have been sought after by celebrities and people all over the world who want to look their best. The eyelash guru enhances each client’s lashes (male and female) by mixing different textures, colors, degrees of curvature and lengths of eyelash extensions resulting in a customized design. The eyelash innovator technique mimics Mother Nature and painlessly extends the lashes to lengths thought previously impossible.

At the start of 2006, Daniel met Priscilla Presley. Presley was deeply impressed by the results of Daniel’s work and suggested he patent his novel technique. Being from Vietnam, Daniel was unfamiliar with the concept of patent /patent law. Presley referred Daniel to a patent lawyer and he started the process of applying for a patent to protect to see if his technique was unique enough to be worthy of a patent. After nearly four years of testing and research, Daniel Dinh was finally granted the first and only patent for “Method of Applying Multiple-Layer Eyelash Extensions™” on October 13, 2009 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Deeply thankful for all the opportunities America had afforded him, Daniel found a way to give back through various US-based charities. In the US, Daniel also made class tuition more affordable by providing support program to people who are in financial hardship including single mothers, low income, etc. In addition, Daniel also provides jobs as charity models in which he openly hires people with disabilities and handicaps. Since there is no social welfare program in Vietnam, these demographics may have a harder time securing employment and the income they need to survive. Daniel willingly hires people with challenged backgrounds and also provides his employees with lunch. In the spirit of Alan C. Page, Daniel also tried to help students in college by recruiting them for employment to help pay for their schooling and school materials.

Five years after transitioning from Little Saigon to Beverly Hills and hundreds of clients later, Daniel Dinh’s eyelash artistry has been featured by different media outlets. Thanks to the help and support of his clients, not a publicist/PR team, Daniel’s work has been featured in magazines such as “Allure,” “Time,” “C,” “In Touch,” “Essence,” “Tiger Beat,” and “BOP.” Daniel’s talents have also spotlighted by various television news media from Los Angeles (KCBS/KCAL-TV), to New York (Spanish TV), and Germany (Libz-TV) to the television series “Girlfriends,” “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!,” and “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.” During awards season, Daniel’s eyelash enhancements are a favorite at gifting suites – helping the who’s who of Hollywood get ready for the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys and Daytime & Prime-Time Emmys.

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