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The Multi-Layer Method
"I don’t like them." Constructive criticism from my very first client back in 2004 after I did the single- layer technique. Thanks to this feedback, I was inspired to invent my patented multiple-layer technique.

If you’ve had challenges, are looking for an easier technique, having a hard time and bored to work on original technique (single layer), there is the 1st and only US Patented method for multiple-layer eyelash extensions™ that hits record about costing of his lashes in the US.


The First and Only US Patented Method for Multi-layer Eyelash Extensions™ March 2009


1) What are the benefits of being certified by Lôngmi™ Lashes®?
· There is a USPTO logo on your certificate. Therefore, clients will recognize that you are certified with a patented technique.
· We give 10% discount for any purchases from Lôngmi™ Lashes® students
· We ensure our protection to Lôngmi™ Lashes® students in technique piracy. Our attorney will contact someone who is not a certified Lôngmi Lashes Technician but uses our patented method with or without intention.
· Certified Lôngmi™ Lashes® Technicians are the first ones who have access to the newest eyelash extension designs and products from Daniel.
· Your name and work place will be listed on Daniel’s website as a part of the Lôngmi™ Lashes® Certified Specialists Network.
· You will have the opportunity to become a Lôngmi™ Lashes® trainer and administer certification classes.


2) What is the difference between the single-layer method (original technique) and the multi-layer method™ (patented technique)?
Eyelashes naturally grow in layers and it may be difficult to find or separate the lashes to affix the lash extensions. You may spend a lot of time trying to separate the natural lashes from one another and this could cause a lot of wasted time. Consequently, if the eyelash extensions are not affixed properly, the result may not last long or be aesthetically pleasing.

Single-layer method: Lashes control you Multi-layer method™: You control the lashes
You may attach lashes inaccurately. Hence, your masterpiece will not last long   You can attach lashes accurately. You will create longer-lasting masterpiece
Single-layer method is not easy to apply. Eyelashes will be stuck together and hurt the natural lashes (clients pull their lashes, and the natural lashes cannot grow)   Multi-layer method™ is easier to apply and eyelashes will not be adhered together. It affects less to the natural lashes since eyelash extensions grow with the natural lash pattern
Eyelash is not comfortable to wear and does not have a natural looking. Client will lose their confidence.   It is comfortable to wear and casts out the natural look. Client will gain their confidence on their eyelashes
Slower application process.   Faster application process
Technicians will lose their patience to this beauty service easily   Technicians will be addicted to do this beauty service easily
No one else has a patent for application technique   Lôngmi™ Lashes® has the 1st & only U.S. patent for application technique
Not exclusive and not unique   Exclusive and unique
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