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History of the Patent
8 U.S. Patents of Eyelash Extensions

“I am so happy and thank America for allowing me  to make eyelash extension history.” - ~Daniel Dinh

When Daniel first came to the United States, he earned a four-year degree in computer information systems in Minnesota. But he decided not long after this that beauty was his true passion. After becoming a licensed cosmetologist, Daniel first focused on hair. Always searching for innovative methods and practices, he learned as much as he could about hair extensions. It was at this point–in 2004–that Daniel also began to hear about eyelash extensions. Created in Korea and used sometimes in Vietnam, eyelash extensions was still very new–so new that all of Daniel’s internet searches on the subject came up with nothing. Eventually, Daniel found a Vietnamese woman doing the extensions in Orange County (where he would later open up his first shop). He noticed that her clients had longer and thicker eyelashes than most. She had learned the technique, single-layer, herself in Vietnam, but did not offer the training that Daniel needed.

After many more months of research and extensive internet searching, Daniel finally found an eyelash extension website. He and his niece, also his model, drove for hours in order to learn how to do eyelash extensions themselves. What disappointed Daniel, however, was that the eyelash technician taught only how to do “flare lashes” (groups of 10 lashes at a time), with one-day adhesive, in two hours–for a fee of one hundred dollars. Daniel sought something better: rather than attaching eyelash extensions to the skin, he wanted to attach them directly to the client’s natural lashes, which would allow the extensions to stay on for far longer. The technician told him that she had never heard of such a thing.

Again, Daniel refused to give up, and searched for days in order to find more information, but without luck. Finally in August 2004, he found a shop in Singapore that did eyelash extensions; they offered to send him an instructional DVD (in Korean!). The video demonstrated the method used by all eyelash extension technicians at the time–the single-layer method. But, again, Daniel was looking to achieve something even better because of a negative compliment from his very first client back in 2004 after he did the single- layer technique. It was at this point that he combined his expertise with hair extensions and his newfound passion for lashes: Daniel realized that, like the hair that grows on our heads, eyelashes grow in multiple layers. In order to create the fullest and most beautiful and natural lashes possible, Daniel developed–and eventually patented–his unique multi-layered method of eyelash extension™ application. His innovation is truly revolutionary, and leaves his clients continually amazed by and delighted with their results.

After learning the single-layer method from the Korean DVD (2004), Daniel had created the multiple-layer method incompletely. He tested, changed, and practiced his new technique until, by the end of 2005, he perfected it. At the start of 2006, he met Priscilla Presley, who was deeply impressed by Daniel’s work . She suggested that he patent his novel technique–but Daniel, being from Vietnam, had never heard of patents or patent law. Priscilla sent him to a patent lawyer who suggested that Daniel do the following: in order to be able to prove that he was truly the first to use his method, the lawyer suggested that Daniel write a full description of his techniques, get this notarized, and then send the document to himself, but that he keep the envelope sealed. This way, the court could open the date-stamped document if Daniel ever needed to prove that he was truly the first one to use his now-patented method.

As he went through the process of applying for a patent, Daniel found that another company had already filed for an eyelash extension patent in 2005 (one year before Daniel), but they eventually abandoned their application completely because their method was not unique–they were using the single-layer method, like everyone else in the industry other than Daniel. After nearly four years of testing and research, and at a cost of $15,000, Daniel was finally granted the “1st and only U.S. patented method for applying multiple-layered eyelash extensions™” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Daniel has made October 13th (the day the USPTO issued his patent) a day of celebration.
1st and Only US Patented Method for Multi-layer Eyelash Extensions™ 1st and only US Patent Branch Lashes with Tapered Root End
Patented March 2009   Patented March 2012
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