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Classes & Prices
9 U.S. Patents of Eyelash Extensions
3 Day Training Classes for 2018
During this 3-day theory & practical training course, Daniel will teach you about his patented multiple-layer technique, his experience, and also:

- Eyelash extension types (single and double-lash)
 - Adhesive types
 - Materials & tools needed to apply eyelash extensions
 - 7 ways to separate lashes for easier An application of lashes
 - Single-layer eyelash extension technique

You will have the opportunities to practice the multiple-layer technique on your class partner on day 1 through 3 during the course.

To qualify: You must have an esthetician or cosmetologist license.

Students will have a choice to buy Professional Kit for their Career Path after graduation.




***For saving your Time & Money***, we are offering: 
A Special Promotion for 3-day training class:
- 2 days Hands-on Training by Practicing the Patented Method in the class.
- 1 day homestudy for the Theories before coming to the class.  

Training in Westminster Studio, California (2-Day class) (Tuition Fee Only): $1,400.00
(Optional 4-day class in Westminster, CA: $2,200.00). Please call us at (714) 531 0979 for more information about 4-day class.

Training offsite – outside of Westminster Studio, California (2-Day class) (Tuition Fee Only): $1,600.00
(Optional 4-day class outside of Westminster Studio: $2,400.00). Please call us at (714) 531 0979 for more information about 4-day class.

For student(s), the Tuition Fee includes a textbook; student(s) will have to buy student kit. For student kit, student(s) will have the option to buy Regular Kit for Professional Career after the class with discounted price to work on clients; or student(s) can choose to buy a small kit only for practicing during 2-day hands on class. For more information(s) about the kit, please call 714-531-0979.

Reminder: Remaining balance will be paid one week before the first day of the course in full.

Student’s Registration Policy:

  1. Students are not allowed to use used books.
  2. Students will receive a full refund for cancellations made within the first 24 hours of the initial tuition fee payment.
  3. Cancellations made after 24 hours without establishing appropriate reasoning are subject to a 50% refund.
  4. Cancellations with a valid excuse made after the 24 hours period, can be rescheduled for classes that are available within the next 6 months, from the original class date that is being canceled. Students must provide proof of reason(s) for cancellation (doctor’s notes, family emergency, documentations, etc.). However, students will have to pay an additional 15% rescheduling fee for rescheduling the class.
  5. If students fail to reschedule within the 6 months deadline, they will lose the initial tuition fee paid. No exceptions. 

2-day classes vs. 4-day classes:

After taking 2-day class, many students mentioned that they wanted to learn and practice more from Daniel to enhance their techniques in eyelash extensions. Therefore, Daniel is offering 4-day classes for those who have time and want to practice with Daniel.
The 2-day and 4-day classes are basically the same. All students will be received Longmi Lashes Certificate after 2 days of class. For those who registered in the 4-day class, they will stay for 2 more days to practice more with Daniel.
Day 1: Daniel will lecture about multiple-layer technique from his patents. He will demonstrate the technique on a model. Then, students will practice on their partners.
Day 2: Daniel will show how to do touch up/fill. Students will practice on their same partners from the first day of class.
All students will get certificates at the end of this day.
Day 3 & 4 (optional): Daniel will go into more details about his techniques in 1-2 hours for each day, and let students practice.
After taking the 2-day class, students still need to practice more on models (about 10 people) in order to enhance their techniques. For those who took 4-day class, they would only need to practice on 2-3 more models before working on clients.
At the end of this class, student will be provided a "test" to check your understanding about this class. 

Students need to confirm which class they want to register for, so that it could be more convenience for us to book the hotel and meeting room.

Note: There would be at least 4 students in order to process the 4-day class. 

Benefits for Lôngmi™ Lashes® Students

• 10% off for Lôngmi™ Lashes® – Students
• May come back to observe any class anytime, anywhere when we have a training course – Free of charge.


Extended Class

Extended Class does not teach you new techniques, but instead we emphasize that you learn from Daniel's 3-day training course in depth.
During this 8-hour class, he will teach you how to:
 - Mix lash extensions varying in color, length, curvature, and thickness to create new lash looks/styles
 - Apply twin lashes (double lashes) to last longer
 - Apply lash extensions to different natural lash types (i.e. straight, curly, etc.)
 - Apply lash extensions for different eye shapes (i.e. almond-shape, large, etc.)
 - How to efficiently work with faux mink strip lash extensions to save time and product, and to customize the length.

To qualify:
  1. You must have already taken Daniel's 3-day training course for his multi-layer patented-techniques.
  2. You MUST take 4 photos showing different angles of your work: Up, Down, Side, and Front close-ups so that Daniel may review your work. It is recommended to photograph using a live model. Photos MUST be taken in high quality and up-close in color. Please see example below:

 3) After Daniel has reviewed your work and he sees that you are proficient in the multiple-layer techniques, you will receive a notice from us regarding your eligibility to take the Extended Class.

After demonstrating proficiency in the patented multiple-layer techniques, you will be added to the Lôngmi™ Lashes® network of lash technicians. The Lôngmi™ Lashes® Network allows client retention and brand recognition; ensuring clients have a list of technicians to go to for their lash extension needs.



but you MUST put your name on the list
to secure your place without any required deposit!


Includes The plaque certificate ($50-sample below)



Only students who took the Extended Class can attend the Advance Class.
Students who graduated from the Advance Class will be nominees for Daniel to select as his qualified trainer or assistant for his 3-day training classes.





Lôngmi™ Lashes is proud to announce its first Volume Lash Training Course. Students will learn the theory of Volume Lashes in great depth as well as the hands on application skills. There will be a student kit that will already be included in class. To be qualified for this class, cosmetologists and estheticians need to have at least 6 months – 1 year experience with eyelash extensions. This training class is designed for eyelash extension artists who are comfortable with doing the classic eyelash extensions and wants to gain Daniel’s technique on how to achieve Volume Lashes.
Clients love the Volume lashes because it allows them to have more lashes, yet it still appears natural and comfortable on their eyes.  

Lôngmi™ Volume Lashes™

Daniel Phu started to think about Branch(Volume) lashes at the end of 2005. Starting 2006, he started to file for 2 patents including: Multi-layer method™ and Branch-lashes with tapered root end™. Daniel was granted the 1st and only US patent method for Multi-layer method™ in 2009, and granted the Branch lashes with tapered root end™ in 2012. He created the tapered root-end(volume) because he noticed that clients would have gaps between their lashes, and sometimes clients didn’t have enough lashes. Sometimes clients didn’t have enough time to sit for 1-2 hours to get their lashes done, and for that reasoning, the Branch lashes with tapered root-end (volume) would save them a great amount of time while having a set of full volume(branch) lashes.



  • Custom and Pre-made lashes
  • Patented Pre-made Root tapered-end lashes exclusive for students
  • Narrow branch easier to apply to natural lashes
  • Root end blends in with natural lashes and saves amount of time working on clients
  • Custom
  • No Patent
  • Not narrow, more heavy and affects natural lashes to fall out.
  • Does not blend in well with natural lashes. 


1. What does Volume Lashes mean to Daniel?
  • “It is more than one lash”TM
  • Daniel says: “People are different, some of them like Natural style but others are so in love with Dramatic style. But, all of these people are so beautiful in different ways. 
  • Many lashes on one lash is not healthy, but Daniel technique will reduce the damage to lashes and maintain the health of natural lashes.
2. What kind of Volume Lashes does this course cover?
  • Custom Made
  • Pre-made
3. Who can be qualified for Volume Lashes Class?
  • Cosmetologist or Esthetician License is required. 
  • Technicians who have at least 6 Months to 1 year working experience in Classic Single-layered Eyelash Extensions Technique.
  • Before being accepted into class, student must send 4 pictures before eyelash extensions in 4 angles and 4 pictures after eyelash extensions in 4 angles
4. Tuition Fee:
  • 1 Day: $1,100
  • 2 Day: $1,650
  • We will provide models. Students have to pay for the Model fee with their own cost which is as of $50.
Please note that tuition MUST be paid in full before class start date.

5. Curriculum:
  • Students will learn the technique on how to pick up lashes faster and easier.
  • Controlling the amount of adhesive used in Volume Lashes is not always an easy task for even experienced Eyelash Artist. By taking this course, student will learn the art of controlling the amount of adhesive used in Volume Lashes.
  • Students will earn the skills on how to use different kinds of Tweezers for Volume Lashes.
  • Daniel will teach his technique on how to maintain your natural lashes while also doing extensions
6. What are the benefits of our lashes?
  • Beginners can use this style.
  • Pre-made lashes with tapered-root end. Daniel has been using this style since 2006 and patented in 2012
  • We have many styles that are premade for: thickness, curve, length, and color. 
  • We are also able to mix multiple thickness, curve, color and length.
  • The multi-layered looks best with volume.
  • Pre-made is convenient and done in a faster time.
  • Flares out  evenly, many choices
7. Certification:
  • LONGMI STUDENTS will get certification for LONGMI VOLUME LASHES + get a picture with Daniel
  • NON LONGMI STUDENTS will get certification of PQ VOLUME LASHES

2 days Training for Single Layer ( Technique Only) 



Professional Requirements

·         State Board License ( Cosmetologist or Esthetician)

·         Eyelash Extensions Certificate

·         8 pictures: 4 before and 4 after.

·         Minimum of 1 year Experience in Single Layer Eyelash Extensions

·         Having experience of sanitation.

·         Having experience in dealing with Allergic Clients.

Knowledge Requirements (Checklist)

·         Student know how to pick up lashes

·         Student know how to pick up adhesive

·         Student know how to use proper tools

·         Student know how to control the amount of adhesive

·         Student know how to deal with allergies

·         Student knows how to cover lower lashes

·         Student know how to apply lashes to natural lashes on client

·         Student know how to do styles ( Cat Eye, Natural look, Central look)

·        Student knows how to remove eyelashes extension off real lashes. 


Tool Requirements

  • 1 box of Lashes – C .15    Size  8 - 15mm
  • 1 Box of Lashes – J+ .20  Size  8 – 15mm
  • 1 Box of Lashes – Twin V ( 2 Branches ) .10, .12, .15 Select one item of your choice.
  • 1 Bottle of Strong Adhesive NOTE: Daniel Will Provide Mild or Medium Adhesive in class If needed.
  • 1 Bottle of Primer
  • 4 Tweezers
  • 1 Roll of Micropore Tape
  • 5 Gel Pads
  • 5 Masks
  • 1 Blackbox and Board
  • 1 Scissor
  • Adhesive Holder
  • Lint Free Wands
  • Mascara Brushes

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